Kudos to the Cache County School District for coming up with increasingly workable proposals for future school configuration.

After first proposing options based around adding one new high school, in Millville, officials have come up with several new options based on building two new high schools. The new plans would eliminate one of the biggest problems with the original concept — the daily commute through Logan to Millville by hundreds of students from the North Logan area — and could apparently be done for about the same total cost, $120 million.

That is a substantial price tag, but it is a tax burden that comes with being a young, vibrant community with a high growth rate.

One hole remaining in the plan — call it the donut hole — is the issue of having the Logan School District tucked in the middle of the Cache School District. This inefficiency not only duplicates positions and salaries but makes it difficult to set up borders that would keep studentbody numbers uniform.

From a funding perspective, the latest plan would basically leave the county with one urban school, two suburban schools and two rural schools, making it likely that the tax bases for the various schools would be unequal. It also, however, would give the county five high schools of similar size, at least for the time being.

And there is the issue of sorting out how to deal with the needs for space among the lower grades. But no plan will perfectly cover every scenario, and Cache district officials have done a very credible job of resolving concerns.

It won’t be cheap, but the new schools are needed, and come November we need to approve this expansion.


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