Whether it is a quick spray-painted name or a full artistic expression, graffiti is treated the same by the Logan Police Department.

While it’s not a huge problem in the area, the department still gets complaints from residents reporting graffiti on their property.

“I would say on average about three to five calls a month,” said Detective Michael Russell of the Logan Police Department.

Most of the graffiti reports the department gets are for what Russell calls tagging.

“I wouldn't call it gang related. Most of it is what we call tagging of somebody's name or a picture,” Russell said. “Sometime it's stickers that have been going up around town for the new clothing line that is going up. Most of it's just tagging but not gang affiliated.”

Some people use graffiti or spray paint to create what they view as works of art. However, the response from the police is the same.

“They call it in the same, and it's channeled the same whether it was graffiti or it was gang related,” Russell said. “It's the same process.”

When police get a report of graffiti, the patrol division is the first to respond.

“They handle the call, they take photographs then it gets transferred up to Detective (Jonathon) Gleisberg, who is our gang/graffiti guy,” Russell said. “He runs with it and tries to solve it and try to match it up with other cases we've solved to see if it's the same person.”

If the graffiti occurs on public property, the city is responsible for cleaning it up. If it is one private property, the owner is in charge of cleaning.

“Private property, the owner has several days to get it cleaned up,” Russell said. “Then, if we solve the case, the restitution is added to that so the property owner can receive the money back for the cost it took to clean up the graffiti.”


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