To the editor:

“Sequestration” is an actual word, with in part, definition of seizure of or confiscation of property by court or government action.

Clown Obama has chosen to take this action to scare the American public (taxpayers) for his own advantage to thwart our economy and safety. His latest nonsense was to close the White House (publicly owned building) to public tours. Many school districts and students who use spring vacation to tour “our” White House are now being denied a once-in-a-lifetime experience because Obama sees fit to exercise denial to that very opportunity. Shameful.

It has been reported that it costs $74,000 per week to maintain the White House, which I believe is overly inflated.

Those of you who have issues with the Fox News Channel, I will tell you that Eric Bolin, cohost of “The Five,” offered one week’s value. Sean Hannity also offered the same. Bill O’Reilly offered two weeks of the same. Donald Trump challenged farleft-wingers Bill Mather, John Stewart and Chris Mathews (combined) to match a $5 million donation. Surprise! No one on the far left except Bob Beckal (another “The Five” co-host) offered only $10. Outrageous and insulting.

Yet the White House, “our house” has to be closed to tours because of “sequestration.” Obama’s “Gotcha Again.”

The military took a huge hit. Those of us who lived through the days of the “draft system” at least got paid for service to our our country.

I assure you, because of the Clown’s B.S., the draft will once again be re-enacted and you (the younger generation), will be forced to fight for your country and the very freedoms you now enjoy for nothing. It will be deemed as your “patriotic duty.” The scariest part of this is that the left-wingers cannot, and will not, acknowledge this is where this great country is headed under Clown Obama’s care. Call Obama at 1-202-456-1111 and pressure the re-opening of “our house.”

Russ Larsen



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