The Preston police department has acquired a 2007 Mine Resistance Ambush Protected Personnel Carrier free of charge from the U.S. military.

Preston Police Chief Ken Geddes said the MRAP is an asset that will be used by not just Preston police but in surrounding counties and cities as well.

He said it’s nice to have something like this around for situations like evacuations at schools or threats to neighborhoods — in Preston and other communities that may need the assistance of the vehicle.

An informal offer has been extended to outlying communities to use the armored vehicle, he said, and the communities have accepted that offer of assistance.

“It’s a great opportunity to have this available just in case a situation comes up,” he said.

The MRAP is one of 200 vehicles being retired by the military. More than 280 community law enforcement offices around the country applied to receive one — for free — but Geddes said he didn’t think they would get one because Preston was so far down that list.

However, because of various circumstances, Preston moved up the list and got word recently it would receive a MRAP.

Geddes said he hopes never to have to use the vehicle, but it is a nice reassurance in case something happens.

“So many communities have said they couldn’t believe those bad things happened there,” he said. “It’s not like we feel like we’re under attack, but it’ll be there just in case.”

Logan does not have its own armored vehicle but is a part of a multi-county group that purchased a vehicle that is currently in Davis County.


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