To the editor:

Mr. Russ Larsen’s (Smithfield) article printed Feb. 16, 2013, “Time to impeach Clown Obama,” was again without specific facts. He wrote, “Any president who serves up his country as an appetizer to its enemies, either abroad (who are they?) or at home (who are they?), isn’t fit to run a great country.” There seems to be a lack of any credible evidence here!

He adds that a prominent news channel reported that two longtime congressmen (of course no names) filed “articles of impeachment” on the president. They both say that support is overwhelming to remove Obama from office. Unbelievable! Why has this not been reported on all news channels?

Everyone knows that the American taxpayer foots the bill for everything done by those members of Congress — who we know have complete immunity, and are not culpable for any disaster that results from their actions in the halls of Congress.

His promise there would be no more lobbyists? Where did this come from? When have you seen 12,000 lobbyists on the White House grounds? If he made that statement he would have to fight the 535 members of Congress. They are the ones who use the “12,000” lobbyists to assist them, the congressmen/women now in office, in writing legislation that benefits them (the lobbyists) and to waste our tax dollars. As for financial responsibility, the members of Congress haven’t the faintest idea on how to achieve this. As long as they are able to include any “pork barrel projects” at the expense of the taxpayer’s pocketbook, they are perfectly at home wasting every dollar of our income taxes they collect! We the taxpayers pay for every indulgence they want, like flights to anywhere in the world they want to go, wasting time on committees that do not sponsor effective legislation for the benefits of all Americans.

The $160 million that went to Hollywood to rejuvenate the hills around the legendary Hollywood sign — Congress!

But, then to distort the truth is not fashionable, but speaking the truth is not valid anymore.

John Wayman



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