To the editor:

I would like to make some comments about the letter from Mr. Jim Fields. I think that Councilwoman Duffin is right when she said that weighing the needs of the community is hard at times. Most of the meetings that are about new growth or change are attended by those that are against the changes. To say that the few that attended that meeting was the voice of Millville would be far from correct when you look at the number of people in Millville.

The new growth that is happening on the east side of Millville will increase the traffic in the town, and the number of roads to disperse this traffic is critical. The traffic plan that the city has, adopted in 2005, will help with this problem. This plan has 100 North as a road that should be used to help with this flow of traffic and become a feeder road to the highway. The school district is trying to be as helpful as they can because of the new school and will put the road in on their property at no expense for Millville city. What a gift for our city.

The elementary school is on Main Street, and the city has nice sidewalks for the students to walk on when they go to school. As parents of these children, we should teach them to use these sidewalks and not walk in the roads. First West has a wide right-of-way and could be widened if needed, but with the sidewalks on Main Street this shouldn’t be needed. Most of the traffic will be Millville people, and the town council needs to follow the flow plan. The more exits from the school the better. Traffic will be dispersed onto more roads and help with the traffic on 550 North and the exit at 2600 South. UDOT should change the light at 3200 South to stop the traffic that comes from the south so that the people coming up 3200 South don’t turn into the center lane and have to cross two lanes of traffic to turn into Millville, and the people that come out of Maverik and Millville can enter the highway.

Millville is a great place to live, and life is full of changes. I hope that the town council keeps in mind that they make decisions for the whole town, not for just a few.

Jim Blotter



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