If you don't give enough attention to your significant other, beware: One day you may end up on Craigslist for sale.

Kyle Baddley, a 22-year-old war veteran from Logan, learned this the hard way: After "Modern Warfare" took over most of Baddley's day, his wife, Alyse, "got tired of waiting" and posted him for sale on the free advertising website "just for fun."

"I didn't see him much at all. So one day I told him: ‘I am going to post you on Craigslist, you know,'" Alyse said. "My mother-in-law said: ‘Do it!'"

So while Kyle was caught up in the game, Alyse and her in-laws composed an ad and placed it online.

It was only a matter of hours before the post - "One husband to the highest bidder" - became popular.

"We didn't think we would get any responses at all, but we've gotten so many," Alyse said. "Someone even offered a blue bag of Skittles."

While most of the responses are in fun spirit, much like the post, the couple has received some emails from people who are concerned about their marital life, Alyse said.

One responder suggested that they take a break.

But Kyle and Alyse said they had gotten some good laughs out of the post. The couple got married in 2009 - a couple of months before Kyle was deployed to Afghanistan. He returned home earlier this year.

Alyse said the post was designed to be merely a joke, and the couple will probably keep it up for a couple more weeks to see what other reactions she receives.

"I love my husband; of course I do," she said. "He deserves the game after what he's been through (at war)."

Kyle, who successfully finished the game within a few days, has been reading the responses with his significant other.

"I love my wife. She supported me when I got the game. We stayed until midnight to get the game when it first came out," he said. "It's just funny."


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The post: "I am selling my 22-year-old husband. He enjoys eating and playing video games all day. Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours. You must have Internet and space for gaming. Got tired of waiting so free to good home. If acceptable replacement is offered, will trade."

Reactions: "Is this an attempt to show him how serious you are about needing him to change? Perhaps you married too young of a man?"

"You get time with him, when he's awake and not fatigued. You can get some space by going out yourself."

"Going back to your mother's for a couple of weeks might be just the ticket. The first week, guys just enjoy that. It takes a second week for it to really get to them."

"Do you have photos?"

"Would you like a replacement?"

"My wife says she will trade. She likes the idea of someone who is not wanting sex all of the time."

"I LOVE it.... Good luck with it. I already have one don't need another one. LOL"

"Hey girl, I'm willing to trade myself for your husband. I'm housetrained, educated, and read more than I play video games. In short, I'm a winner. Let me know if you're interested. If you're not interested, maybe your husband and I could hang out sometime. He seems like a cool guy, all things considered.

"Lol!! I'll trade u!! Maybe I can train him for you and send him back!! My husband is great he's just never home!!"


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