The Cache County Board of Education approved the purchase of approximately 48 acres in Millville that will be used to build a new high school.

The property, currently alfalfa fields, is located east of State Road 165 between 2450 South and 2700 South and will cost about $830,000

The board’s unanimous decision Thursday evening comes after two and a half years of discussing where a new high school should be built.

Money remaining from a 2004 bond will be used to purchase to property. Funds were set aside in that bond specifically for purchasing property.

“This is that last piece of property we’re purchasing with that,” said Dale Hansen, the business administrator of the district.

While the property is secured, construction of the new high school hinges upon another bond passing in the future.

District officials say they wanted to build in the south side of the valley because of the growth in that area.

“The south end has been the fastest-growing end of the valley, and the south end has more students. So we've been looking into the south end for a long time,” said Steve Norton, superintendent of the Cache County School District.

Norton said after looking at property within the district’s price range, this was the best option.

“This fits the location where it will serve a population that basically lives in that area,” he said.

At the beginning of the board meeting, two residents asked the board to consider the impact building a high school would have on the small community nearby. Before the board approved the purchase, Norton tried to address the concerns.

“I can promise you we will do everything we can to be good neighbors,” Norton said. “We know that there are neighbors who are already there. We understand that ... we try to be cognizant to those people who are already in the area, and we will do everything we can to mitigate the circumstances that affect individual homeowners.”

He also encouraged any Millville residents to visit his office to discuss concerns.

Norton also expressed pleasure in having the future high school in Millville.

“There probably isn't anybody in the valley that thought we would ever be building in Millville,” Norton said. “We never dreamed we'd have the opportunity of having that kind of a site.”




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