An 8-year-old North Logan boy is being credited with heroic action to save the life of his little sister after a bizarre playground accident Saturday.

Roman Metivier and his 6-year-old sister, Londyn, came home from an early morning outing in Saturday’s fresh snow shaken and in tears, according to their mother, Mariah Metivier. The story they had to tell convinced their parents a tragedy had been averted by the boy’s quick action.

“They were excited about the new snow, so we let them go out early to the neighborhood park with their sleds,” Metivier said. “Then they got the bright idea of running the sleds down a slide at the playground.”

During one of Londyn’s runs, the rope on her plastic sled got caught on the playground equipment and wrapped around her neck, virtually hanging her from the slide.

Metivier explained that Roman saw what had happened and ran to grab the sled and turn it sideways to ease the tension, but each time the girl tried to climb back up the slide, she would slip and get strangled again. Eventually, her brother was able to free her from the horrifying predicament.

“They were so upset when they got home, they were just crying and crying,” Metivier said. “We told Roman that he was a hero, but he said he sure didn’t feel like one. We had a big family hug over it.”

The Metiviers live in the Aspen Meadows subdivision of North Logan, and the incident occurred at the nearby neighborhood park and playground when only one other young boy was around.

“It was one of those things that make you realize how much you take for granted,” the mother said. “They both are now telling each other how much they love each other. I hope they are reminded of this next time they start fighting,” she said with a chuckle.

Is anything special planned in the Metivier family to honor “their little hero?”

“Money is pretty tight right now, so I don’t know. Maybe we’ll think of something,” Metivier said. She added that one thing has already resulted from the day’s drama — a new rule: no sledding off the ground.


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