A student at Mount Logan Middle School died Saturday from a rare form of non-contagious bacterial meningitis. Sixth-grader Faith Hunter contracted the infectious disease sometime last week.

“She didn't come to school. She wasn't feeling well,” said Mike Monson, principal of Mount Logan Middle School. “And it took place over the course of a week.”

According to an obituary submitted to The Herald Journal, Hunter was 12 years old and died at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City surrounded by her family. She was one of four children of Cliff and Kristiena Hunter.

“It's one of those sad things for any family,” Monson said. “We feel terrible for the family that has to deal with that. You never want to lose a child.”

On Monday, counselors from the school and the Bear River Health Department were available for students.

“I mean, it impacts teachers and kids anytime something like this happens, so it's always difficult,” Monson added.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes meningitis as a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges.

The Bear River Health Department wants parents to know that there is no need to be worried about the disease spreading to other children at Mount Logan Middle School.

“Due to the short incubation period and lack of exposure to classmates, there is no reason for parents to be concerned about their children's health, related to this situation,” said Leona Goodsell, nursing deputy director at the Bear River Health Department.

There are five different types of meningitis, she said, and this specific case was a very rare and complicated disease process.


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