CLARKSTON — Cache County Sheriff’s officials say no one was hurt Friday afternoon when a Clarkston man who was reportedly intoxicated from smoking Spice started firing a .22-caliber handgun inside and outside a home near 100 West and 300 South.

Deputies used a Taser and a nonlethal bean bag round to subdue 29-year-old Ryan Lee after he refused to cooperate with law enforcement who arrived on scene just after 5 p.m., according to Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Jensen.

Initial reports indicate Lee was at a friend’s home smoking the substance in an outbuilding. Jensen said Lee and the friend got into a verbal argument before Lee went into the home and fired two shots. He then allegedly went outside and continued firing, shooting the friend’s goat. The animal was taken to a vet clinic by animal control officers.

“The homeowner called and said his friend was smoking Spice and had gone off and was acting crazy,” said Jensen. “He got a .22 pistol and took a couple of shots inside the house and then went outside and took a couple more shots. That’s when the suspect shot the complainant’s goat.”

It was not immediately known how much Spice sheriff’s officials believe the suspect smoked.

Jensen said Lee was acting aggressively outside the home, kicking over gas cans in an outbuilding and screaming about the placement of a nearby camping trailer.

“Then he walks over to a 14-foot camp trailer and was screaming that the trailer needed to be moved and was trying to pick it up on his own,” he added. 

Law enforcement and paramedics assembled at the Clarkston Fire Department and were given instruction by emergency dispatchers not to use sirens in an effort to avoid aggravating the suspect.

Jensen said the suspect was “non compliant and combative.”

Deputies gave Lee orders to drop the gun before trying to impact him with a Taser, Jensen said.

“He wouldn’t drop the gun so they shot him with a Taser,” said Jensen. “But only one barb got him so that wasn’t effective, and he stepped behind a three-rail fence, which didn’t give them another shot.”

Jensen said deputies then used a bean bag round from a firearm to subdue Lee, who was then apprehended and taken into custody.

Lee was reportedly argumentative with deputies even after being handcuffed; he was transported to Logan Regional Hospital for a medical evaluation.

He was arrested on multiple counts, including public intoxication, cruelty to animals, reckless endangerment, possession of a dangerous weapon by an intoxicated person, discharging a firearm, psychotoxic chemical abuse and interfering with and arresting officer.

Saturday morning the suspect was in custody at the Cache County Jail, ordered held on a $10,345 bail.

Jensen said Lee fired a total of six or seven shots from his handgun. No homes were hit by the bullets.

Investigators secured the area near the home throughout Friday evening to collect evidence from the scene. An investigation into the event is ongoing.





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