Cache Valley appears to be the residence of choice for young moose this spring. The Division of Wildlife Resources darted yet another moose this week that will be transported to a more suitable environment.

The first moose was captured in North Logan on May 16 after it was spotted running through a residential neighborhood.

Just a few days later, dispatch received calls from people who had spotted a moose near the Logan River Golf Course on May 18. The next morning, he was also darted, transported and released.

The third moose, a young bull, was darted Saturday morning in Wellsville. He was spotted early in the morning, and officers kept an eye on him until DWR officers arrived.

The moose was running in the fields just east of U.S. Highway 89/91, so Utah Highway Patrol troopers stayed in the area until he was captured at about 9:30 a.m.

Conservation officer Matt Burgess said that during some years there are more moose in the valley than other years, so three in 11 days is not unheard of. Wildlife biologists say young bulls wandering into urban areas are often seeking refuge from larger males.   

After the moose ran back and forth through the fields, biologist Darren DeBloois darted him behind some homes south of the state road sheds.

When the young moose couldn’t run anymore, he was considerate enough to lay down in the middle of a dirt road where DWR officers pulled right up to him with a trailer to transport him.

DeBloois said he first planned to take the moose to Hyrum to do a blood draw and other health measures, and then he was going to make arrangements to transport the moose to another region to be released.


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