SMITHFIELD - Some residents who live on Summit Drive say they're taking steps to get drivers' attention before an accident brings the narrow street into the spotlight.

About 10 homeowners along the winding road north of Birch Creek Golf Course have planted small yellow signs in lawns and flower beds to alert motorists that the speed limit is 15 mph.

The limit drops from 25 to 15 near 100 N. 500 East and goes back up to 25 mph near 675 Summit Drive. Speed limit signs indicate the reduced limit on both ends.

Resident Terri Archibald, who lives in the 15 mph speed zone, says drivers are traveling at closer to 30 mph through the neighborhood.

"This street is narrow and windy, and starting two houses down there isn't a sidewalk at all," she said. "People speed through here like crazy - well past 25 mph."

Archibald says about 28 children live within the one-third-mile-long section of Summit Drive that has the reduced speed limit.

Her neighbor, Chris Nethercott, also purchased one of the signs for her property.

"We got together as a neighborhood and decided we wanted to bring awareness," she said. "A lot of people don't realize it's only 15 mph, and we want people to be aware and slow down. Our kids run back and forth a lot, and we don't want them to get hit."

Nethercott said many of the residents were inspired to purchase the signs after a fatal traffic accident in June that claimed the life of a 5-year-old Logan boy who was struck by a vehicle on his bicycle.

"We don't need that to happen in our neighborhood to make a difference," said Nethercott. "So we got the signs to start with, but we're working with the city to see what our other options are."

Nethercott said additional residents who live on Summit Drive plan to display the signs.

Archibald said she wants a stronger police presence to enforce the speed limit.

Messages left with the Smithfield Police Department were not returned during business hours Monday.




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