The issue over a proposal to allow alcohol sales in Hyde Park is heating up as a public hearing on the matter approaches.

A flier bearing the Hyde Park city logo was left at many homes last week and some citizens were upset at the appearance the letter came from the city when it did not.

David Shelley of Hyde Park called the letter an “intentional attempt to cause a problem” as the city considers the issue.

The letter’s content was to inform citizens of last week’s City Council meeting where the proposed ordinance would be discussed. However, it also lists the councilmembers who are either in favor or against, although a formal vote has not yet taken place.

The resident believed to have circulated the fliers could not be reached for comment.

A proposed ordinance presented to the Hyde Park City Council this summer would allow the sale of alcohol within the city, something that is presently prohibited.

At this time, a single Class-A license may be issued to the Maverick, allowing them to sell beer on site between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The sale of beer will not be allowed Sundays.

However, the ordinance does specify additional licenses and gives the City Council the authority to approve additional licenses after conducting a public hearing.

A complete copy of the proposed ordinance is available online at by clicking on the “Regulations” link on the left.

The Hyde Park City Council has requested a public hearing before voting on the ordinance as it was presented during the City Council meeting last Wednesday. The public hearing has been set for Oct. 10.

The Hyde Park Planning and Zoning Commission was asked to prepare a new ordinance when management of the Maverick asked the city to change the existing policy so they could sell alcohol at the store, located at 675 W. Center, immediately east of U.S. Highway 91.

The proposed ordinance states “it is the policy of the city to neither promote nor encourage the sale of alcohol, the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages, but to license, tax and regulate the sale of other distribution of alcoholic beverages in such a way as to protect the public interest, including the rights of the citizens who do not wish to be involved in any substantive way with alcoholic beverages.”

While the Planning Commission worked on the ordinance, Mayor Bryan Cox asked City Councilmembers to gather as much input as they could from citizens.

Liquor licenses have been a topic of discussion in Hyde Park on more than one occasion and, in the past, the ability to obtain a license has always been denied.


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