Early voting is off to a slow start in Cache County, and it could be a sign of low voter turnout during the primary election later this month, according to the county clerk.

Of the 59,618 active voters in the county - the majority of whom are eligible to vote in the primary - just 91 people had voted early as of noon Thursday. Early voting began Tuesday at the Cache County Administration Building.

Compare that to the 376 early voters in Washington County, which has 59,867 active voters, or the 231 people voting early in Sevier County, with just 9,868 active voters.

The turnout so far in Cache County is less than the clerk had hoped.

"I would maybe hope that we'd see a hundred people a day," County Clerk Jill Zollinger told The Herald Journal on Thursday. "I think that it is an indicator that there might not be a lot of voters show up on the primary election day, but I hope I'm wrong."

The following races will be up for a Republican primary June 22: U.S. Senate, county recorder and State Legislative District 5 for the Utah House of Representatives. There will be a non-partisan ballot for Cache County School Board Seat No. 4.

Early voting will run weekdays through June 18 at the County Administration Building. For all but the final day, it will run from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On June 18, however, it will last from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

From June 14 to 17, early voting will be held at the Hyrum Library and the Smithfield Fire Station from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Zollinger said sometimes voters underestimate the importance of the primary, noting there are times, such as in the county recorder's race this year, where the winner of the primary will essentially be awarded the office.

"They will be making the choice for who the recorder will be in this primary," Zollinger said. "If they're interested in having a voice in that race, this is the time to vote."

People who are registered as unaffiliated have the opportunity to affiliate with the Republican Party at the polls.

Zollinger added, "We're trying to accommodate people as much as we can in having early voting in the sense that they can drop by on their lunch hour. If they're in town, they can just kind of stop in. There aren't any lines as we've been seeing."





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