Mount Logan Middle School students not only learned about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle Tuesday but also laughed and applauded throughout the process.

The morning assembly at the middle school was, perhaps, one of the most energetic the school has seen in awhile: Schoolchildren attended a high-energy performance by The Salt Lake Community College Grand Theater that encouraged students to "live life and not just be alive" by leading more active and healthy lifestyles.

"We are trying to present the topic in a way that reaches to middle school-aged kids. There isn't one thing offered to them in this format," said Melissa Carter, a school assembly director and one of the organizers of the show.

The show was part of the Intermountain Healthcare LiVe campaign that encourages teens across Utah to adopt a more active lifestyle by encouraging eight healthy habits. Carter works for Intermountain Healthcare.

The performers made the middle school audience laugh while portraying those habits, including being "breakfast believers," eating more fruit and vegetables, consuming more water instead of sweetened drinks, watching less TV, increasing their physical activity levels and eating more meals with their family.

Lady Wawa - a made-up analogue of popular pop artist Lady Gaga, enactment of teenage crushes and popular TV shows - came to help actors get the message across to the young audience.

Although Utah's obesity rates are better than the national average, obesity is still an issue, especially in Utah children, with one in four being overweight or obese, said Debbie Ostrander, a spokeswoman with Logan Regional Hospital.

Mount Logan is the only school in Cache Valley to be part of the show's fall tour. The group of actors will travel to middle schools across the state to provide the students with sufficient knowledge to stay healthy, said Troy Oldham, director of communications at Logan Regional Hospital.

"We want our community to stay healthy. If individuals in the community are healthy, that makes the community we live in healthy. This (performance) is a good way to show an alternative lifestyle , to encourage children to get out and be active," Oldham said.

It is Oldham's hope that other schools in the valley will jump aboard for the program's spring tour.


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