To the editor:

I am writing to support the Cache County School bond. In the past two decades we have added significantly more children to the Cache system than we’ve ever had in this district before. We are responsible for these wonderful children and have a moral obligation to provide a safe place to educate them. I firmly believe that the single most important thing we can do to improve the long-term quality of life and financial prospects of our entire community is to give our children a sound education. As I’ve attended many school board meetings over the last few years and acquainted myself with the board members, I’ve come to trust these people to be knowledgeable and frugal, and I know that they have the best interest of our community at heart. I’ve seen that they have fastidiously studied our overcrowding difficulties and have arrived at the best possible solution. The majority of the issues addressed by the bond are safety issues.

The bond will seismically update old buildings. It allows for funds to improve student safety in existing schools. It will provide new elementary schools and two new high schools in order to accommodate our expanding student population. Many people have been asking why we don’t just add classrooms on to the current high schools, but the fact is that the core of these buildings were designed to hold far fewer students than they are currently housing. The hallways and common areas are much too crowded, and adding classrooms will only serve to compound this problem. I don’t like to imagine what may happen in these buildings if there were a situation where the school needed to be evacuated quickly. My hope is that it will not take a catastrophic event like an earthquake, fire or school shooting for our voters to recognize the value of this bond and the safety it provides to our children. Please vote yes on the Cache County school bond on Nov. 5!

Amanda Wilkinson

North Logan


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