I was born, raised and educated in Logan. In 1995 I inherited our family’s home on East 200 North. We visit at least bi-monthly for improvements and management. My children lived there while attending USU. We rent to good tenants. We make improvements to be competitive and to preserve the family’s heritage home. We live in Centerville, Utah, (just 71 miles and an hour and 15 minutes away).

Current council members are promoting a license fee for this 850 square-foot home and a requirement that I hire an agent who lives within 20 (arbitrary?) miles of Logan. We discuss elections affecting rental rates with our tenants. They vote.

We have NEVER had a complaint from a neighbor, a tenant or Logan city. However, there are ample, nearby examples of Logan’s non-enforcement of building codes, setback standards and nuisance ordinances. There are two duplexes with sidewalk-to-building concrete approved at construction. There are also condominiums with construction approval granted, providing they would be owner occupied. These have since sold to a single owner and converted to individually rented apartments. We have observed all of this. Elected officials have been remiss by generating current conditions. Latecomer officials need this awareness. Changing officials does not abrogate the city’s past commitments and agreements.

Our net rental income is $3,401.60 per year (4.5 percent return not deducting our labor). If not for our heritage home, we would not be involved. Now Logan demands a larger share! Annual license fees and hiring an agent are strong disincentives. We will raise rent equal to any ordinance increase — It does seem all about money, doesn’t it?

If we sell, costs reduce the price of rental property. Would a new owner have heritage pride? The Law of Unintended Consequences always seems to prevail, regardless of how decision makers ignore it.

Logan plans to intrude into the contacts between tenants and landlords, where existing state law already covers remedy between these parties. Is Logan becoming the “Nice, Easy-going, People’s Republic of Dungeon?”

Logan rails against “bad landlords,” ignoring “bad tenants” and “bad owner occupants.” New ordinances regarding nuisance, health and safety or a new building code are not required. Enforcement of existing ordinances, for rental and owner-occupied properties (alike) is!

Are elected officials servants or rulers?

In August, I drove to the hearing but was unable to speak because of the format and the fact that previous speakers did not give up seats designated for those waiting to speak. The council decided to postpone action until after the election! NOT!

I advised my tenants to vote for Mike Morrill, Tony Wegener and Steve Stokes and provide the same advice for anyone wanting fair and equitable treatment from trustworthy and principled public servants, without hidden agendas. “We have learned by sad experience …”

Lee and Dixie Lee Skabelund



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