To the editor:

As I read Monday's article from the Robertses, "Sarah Palin: Master media manipulator," I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? The mainstream media specialize in selective "reporting," overt bias, pitiful spinning and outright deception. When they are challenged, they run for the Bushes (pun intended). They have controlled the information highway for many decades with detours calculated to promote their scurrilous agenda. Now that they are regularly exposed by alternate sources, they are like the schoolyard bully who picks the fight, gets his nose bloodied, then runs home screaming to his hate-filled momma (ACLU, SEIU, racism, bigotry, personal attacks, etc). For those of you who can remember, they picked and propped up McCain as the only viable Republican candidate, then they trashed him after they had picked their favorite socialist.

With this country in steep decline, the media are still trying to prop up and support the worst president in my lifetime. It is simply impossible in the allotted space of this letter to list the dozens of ways Mr. Obama has shoved our country toward the abyss of the destruction of America and the de-stabilization of world affairs.

Since the mainstream media are completely out of phase with true Americanism, I plead with everyone to turn things around 180 degrees from what you hear. When was the last time you heard about our Judea-Christian heritage or the valor and sacrifice of our veterans or the rewards of thrift, hard work, charity, compassion and love? Those building blocks of strength are the foundation of a great America. The Robin Hood "feel-good" mentality of almost everyone in Washington has desecrated the prosperous future of my posterity and I refuse to remain silent!

Although I have not made a decision on the next candidate to set America back on course, I must admit I am leaning heavily toward Sarah Palin for one single reason: the news media hate her with a vengeance. What better qualification could there be? They are scared to death of her. They cannot control her and true to form, the spin and the hate are increasing exponentially. The salient point here is to realize that the mainstream media are incapable of understanding that America does not like socialism or anything remotely similar. Our religious heritage rallies us to compassion, good works and love. America will not survive if we turn away from those values.

I strongly urge us all to rally to goodness and love. Stand firmly against evil and resolutely by our allies, especially Israel. If America falls, so will the rest of the free world. God bless America.

David B. Kerr



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