Utah State quarterback Chuckie Keeton is hoping the Aggies can put on an offensive show Saturday.

Linebacker Kyler Fackrell wants to see a dominant defensive performance.

For first-year USU head coach Matt Wells, he is looking for “great execution and great efficiency” when the Aggies conclude spring camp today with their annual Blue-White Spring Game Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock at Romney Stadium.

“Hopefully we can put up a lot of points, take advantage of our defense a little bit,” Keeton said. “The secondary is kind of my concern. It’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we can put on a little bit of a show in front of the fans.”

Fackrell wants nothing more than to keep the offense from doing that.

“We’re hoping to dominate,” he said. “Obviously, it’s probably not going to be like that, but a big emphasis for us is third downs — getting off the field on third downs — and then when they get in the red zone, bow up and make them kick field goals.”

The game will pit the offense (Blue) vs. the defense (White). The first half will consist of two 15-minute quarters played with normal clock rules. Following a five-minute halftime, the second half will consist of two 10-minute running time quarters (except for the final two minutes of the fourth quarter).

“I want to see great execution and great efficiency, especially early on when the veteran players are going against each other,” Wells said. “Offensively, I want to see balls completed and touchdowns. On the flip side, it’s about time we get a pick in the back end. The third downs will be fun to watch because it’s been such an emphasis on both sides of the ball.”

How did Keeton feel when told of his coach’s desire to see some interceptions?

“They can get an interception, just hopefully it’s not from me,” Keeton said.

Creating turnovers is a huge emphasis for the defense.

“Any kind of turnover in general, we haven’t really done too good of a job this spring with turnovers — strips, interceptions or whatever,” Fackrell said. “Getting some interceptions, that’s just knowledge of the coverage and getting a jump on the ball.

“I think that’s something we have good enough DBs to have some interceptions.”

Both the offense and defense will have the chance to score points.

The offense will get six points for a touchdown, three points for a field goal, two points for a rush of 15 or more yards, two points for a pass of 20 or more yards, one point for a first down and one or two points for respective conversions.

The defense will earn six points for a touchdown, five points for a turnover, three points for a three-and-out, three points for a blocked field goal, two points for a stopped drive, sack or tackle for loss, as well as one or two points for failed respective conversions.

There will be no kickoffs and all possessions will start at the 25.

Following the scrimmage, all former Aggie lettermen in attendance will be invited onto the field and asked to line up in the north end zone, where they will be recognized as a group.

This group will also meet and shake hands with every current USU football player prior to the players interacting with Aggie fans on the field during their autograph session, where a limited number of USU spring football posters will be available.



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