Aubrey Boehme is thriving at the collegiate level.

Although leading her team in scoring is unfamiliar ground for the sophomore at Otero Junior College - she was the third leading scorer her senior year for Sky View - Boehme has thrived in head coach Taylor Wagner's offense which centers around her.

That offense was very successfull and carried the Lady Rattlers to the NJCAA Region 4 Championship.

"We utilized her a lot in our offense," Wagner said. "We try to run a lot of sets toward getting her open and getting her on the block, because she is so effective.

"I think that was an adjustment for her to see a lot of touches and have the offense run through her a lot of the time. She did a good job. Not only did she score, but she was double and triple teamed. She did a great job of recognizing where the open person was and sharing the basketball."

The Herald Journal caught up with Boehme to see what is next for the JC standout.

HJ: What was the best part of your freshman season?

Boehme: Probably just my team. The girls were great on and off the court. They made it so I had a good experience. Also, my coach was really good. He worked with us a lot and me a lot and helped me learn new things and new moves so that I could become a player. I really enjoyed playing with Taylor Rock and Nicole Hansen, my teammates that I've playing with since the fifth grade. It was nice to go to school with two girls who are like sisters to me.

HJ: What kind of an adjustment was it to have the offense run through you?

Boehme: In high school I just filled in where I needed to play, and I was really surprised when I got there that I was the tallest girl on the team. So I had to play the five position, which I was also surprised by because going into college, I thought I'd play the four. I'm tall, but I'm not that tall. It was a difference. We played a four out and one in. I was the only post in, and all I would do was go down and post up and if I was open the girls would get it to me. If I was guarded I would kick it back out. It was different. I learned to enjoy it. Normally I don't like the attention on me, but that's how it was this time and it worked out for the best.

HJ: How did you feel about the post-season awards you recieved this season?

Boehme: I recieved those awards, I was really surprised, at the tournament after we lost the championship game. I also recieved academic all-region honors. With the All-Star game, my coach talked with all of us, and when he talked to me he said he was going to put me in to be nominated to play in this All-Star game. He told me the coaches voted on it and asked me if I would like to go. I said I would, but I didn't think anything would happen. About a week after summer started he called me to inform me that I had been selected. It's coaches from the NJCAA who select girls from all over to play, and it was me and 40 other girls who were selected to play in Florida.

HJ: What kind of experience was it to play in the NJCAA All-Star Game.

Boehme: It was really good. There were lots of college (Division I) coaches there watching. It was interesting to see different girls and how they play. It was a good experience. I am really happy I was selected to go and play.

HJ: Have you heard from any of those Division I coaches?

Boehme: I haven't, but I'm hoping I'll hear something when the season starts and they can look at me more, cause they only saw me for a few days and it's hard to judge.

HJ: If you do stay your sophomore year with Otero, what are your goals for next season?

Boehme: I hope to be better than I was last year. I know I had a really good season. It was really successful and hope to at least do that if not better in my sophomore season. I just want to contribute to my team and do my best so that my team can win.


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