If you’ve ever had a craving for a fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie at 1 o’clock in the morning, a new Logan business will save you the preheat and mess when it opens next week.

Utah State University student Sawyer Hemsley and business partner Jason McGowan are banking on the golden brown cookie delivered by their startup, Crumbl, striking success across all ages.

After finding a location — rich in baking and sweet treat history — Hemsley said the transformation of its 540 S. Main Logan location began and has been a whirlwind of work over the past month.

With its fresh white-and-pink walls, Crumbl will bake hundreds of “secret recipe” chocolate chip cookies with an option for delivery throughout Logan, Hemsley said.

“It is a big, 6-ounce cookie and it comes in a pink box,” he said. “What’s not to like?”

The 6-ounce cookies are made with milk chocolate chips rather than semi-sweet chips created for the Toll House Inn in 1938. During research and experimentation, Hemsely said they tried semi-sweet but felt milk chocolate was best for their cookie.

“We are excited and think that we nailed this recipe,” Hemsley said. “It is a good-size cookie. Our whole business is this cookie, so it is secret. We spent a lot of time developing the recipe. We tried a whole bunch and mix-and-matched and taste-tested until we got it where we liked it.”

Hemsley said during the construction process they have had the neighboring “antique ladies” as well as construction workers and inspectors stop by to sample the cookies.

“Baking a cookie is a science,” Hemsley said. “It takes a lot. Whether you use salted or unsalted butter or margarine, it is a lot different than just baking in your kitchen at home.”

To start, Hemsley said they will only be baking chocolate-chip cookies at the South Main location that has been home to a Domino’s Pizza and most recently The Crepery.

Starting out with a cookie that is “original and everyone loves” is safe, Hemsley said. In the future, he hopes they will be able to expand and offer a gluten-free option.

Hemsley knows that there are other similar businesses, but believes he can “do it better” and reach more of a market within Cache Valley as he hopes to expand in the future into a bigger location and possibly add other sites.

“We were fascinated by the boom of the delivery-service industry. We wanted to offer a product that was different, and who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie?” Hemsley said. “We decided to get into the cookie business and deliver not only a cookie, but warm cookies with milk.”

Customers can place an order online through crumblcookies.com, or by visiting the store during its noon to 2 a.m. hours to get a bright pink box with four 6-ounce cookies for $9.99 — milk for dunking is an add-on, Hemsley said.

Those opting for delivery will be charged a $2 fee in Logan. Cookie delivery will be offered from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8 p.m. until midnight on Saturdays.

Hemsely said Crumbl will deliver to Logan to start and possibly expand its offerings in the valley if the demand is there.

The business will have 20 part-time employees in addition to two full-time staff, he said.

Currently a senior at USU working on a degree in communication studies with dual minor in marketing and multimedia, Hemsley said he hopes his connections will help him keep a “pulse” on the students and cater to them.

“We think this is for anything from moms to college students,” Hemsley said. “We feel like everyone is our target audience. There isn’t a specific audience, but we are targeting the college student since we are open until 2 o’clock in the morning.”

The Preston native said Crumbl will be a “modern and trendy” spot for customers to come in and purchase cookies.

“I love Cache Valley, and I believe in Cache Valley and feel that businesses should thrive here,” Hemsley said. “If we have the local support and hopefully we can be an example to other people to become entrepreneurs in the valley as well.”

With a heavy social media presence, Hemsley has been posting items for the past month and has seen the interactions with his online presence increase.

When asked to describe the cookie in 140 characters or less, Hemsley said it usually takes him a while to craft a well-written tweet but said: “The perfect light, crunchy, gooey-inside cookie that is a party in your mouth.”

“We love chocolate chip cookies over everything else. Cake. Brownies. Anything. These are good cookies, and I think everyone else will jump on board,” he said.

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John Zsiray is a journalist at The Herald Journal. He can be reached at jzsiray@hjnews.com. Twitter Ramblings: @zsiray


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