A Nashville-based business specializing in freshly made cupcakes is opening its first Utah location in Logan next year.

According to a company news release, Gigi’s Cupcakes’ opening in Cache Valley will be the 24th state that the chain is located in. Though the exact location and opening date of the store has not been announced, Logan’s Gigi’s Cupcakes will be owned and operated by Matt Weston, a Utah State University alumnus who lives in Providence.

“A cupcake’s not necessarily something that we need, but it can definitely put a smile on your face if you’ve had a bad day,” Weston said.

Gigi’s Cupcakes brands itself as a bakery that makes fresh items decorated by hand. Aside from the 300 rotating varieties of cupcakes, Gigi’s also sells cakes, pies and cookies, all from recipes concocted by Gigi Butler, the company’s founder.

Gigi’s was founded in 2008. The company was acquired by Fort Worth-based KeyCorp in 2016. Today, Gigi’s has over 100 franchise locations in 23 states.

Weston said a Gigi’s franchise attracted him partly because he wanted his family to be involved. He is married and has seven kids, ranging from ages 3 to 21.

“I’ve got a couple (of kids) going to Utah State right now, and they’ve expressed a lot of interest in being involved in a business,” Weston said. “I’m hoping to help them to be able to develop some entrepreneurial characteristics as well. Hopefully, they’ll catch the spirit and be able to assist the community with a consistent cupcake product that will hopefully benefit everyone.”

Aside from his family motivations, Weston said, the overall workings of the Gigi’s franchise is what got him interested in launching one of his own.

“I felt like they were a good business model, and they have a strong history of success,” he said. “A lot of the store owners of the franchises seem to be very happy with the way it’s working.”

Aside from a brick-and-mortar presence, Gigi’s Cupcakes could go mobile as well, Weston added. He is thinking of having a Gigi’s food truck for events around Cache Valley.

Weston has spent years in the hospitality industry. He has been involved with the Best Western Plus Weston Inn at 250 N. Main St. in Logan and the up-and-coming Hampton Inn across the street.

Weston caught the food business bug when a family member of his worked at Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread, 291 S. 300 West, Logan, before it was sold to new owners. Weston thought about purchasing Crumb Brothers from then-owner/founder Bill Oblock but backed out of the idea.

Weston and his brothers purchased the old Golden Corral building with the hope of building a hotel behind it and opening a new restaurant. But when Logan came to him and offered the location where the Hampton on Main Street is being built, he abandoned the plans with the old Golden Corral building. Weston might do something with the property in the future, but it is currently up for sale, he said.

Kevin Opsahl is the USU reporter for The Herald Journal. He can be reached at kopsahl@hjnews.com or 435-792-7231.


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