UFOs were big news recently when the Pentagon released footage of Navy fighter pilots tracking a mysterious flying object off the California coast in 2004. That’s why a recent tweet about an unidentified object over Logan got our attention.

The tweet was posted by the website UFO Stalker and describes a light in the local night sky on Jan. 6. Here’s the full description as it appears on the website (sans capitalization):

“my husband and i were walking outside our apartments to go do laundry. i saw a bright fiery light coming towards us (north) in the night sky. it was overcast and this was the only light in the sky. it almost looks like a helicopter that was on fire that was flying really low. it got brighter as it came closer. my husband thought that it was a meteor but it was moving too slow. it quickly changed directions and started going north east. then it suddenly just stopped, and hovered in the same spot for about 35 to 45 seconds. then it went straight up, and just disappeared. it didn’t make any kind of noise or sound at all.”

It just so happens a Herald Journal staff member saw several lights in the sky that same night, only up close and personal. They were “Chinese lanterns” being set aloft by a group at one of the LDS church houses in Logan’s Cliffside neighborhood. Seems like this could be what the woman reported seeing.

Among thousands of strange sightings from around the world listed on UFO Stalker and updated daily, there are a couple dozen eyewitness accounts from the Logan area, going back several years. Some even have photos.

A Franklin, Idaho, sighting from August of 2006 is especially notable, if for no other reason than its peculiarity. Objects seen in the sky that night were described exactly as follows:

“I was in a car with my parents we were going to stop at burger king i wished apon a star about food and the same star turned over and became a bright red jellyfish like creature i thought it was a star it shined in the same manner as a star and turned over and tentacle like appendages protruded from the bottom i could feel the the energy around me as if i was in psychic contact with the object i looked at my parents and when i looked back it was becoming a star like object and then seemed to disappear.”

Happy sky watching, Cache Valley.


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