To the editor:

Some time ago I passed by a booth at a university function. It wasn’t until I was close enough to the booth that I could discern the name of the sponsoring group. I asked something like, “what does the name of your group mean, ‘Good without God?’” I looked at the fellow telling me this and began to laugh. (I apologized later, because it seemed to embarrass the young man). I commented to him, “How does anybody know what is good without God? Without God there is no datum from which to determine good.”

If we are the product of accident (evolved by happenstance) and we have no soul, anything may be considered good. In the Book of Mormon this is like the theory of Korihor – “… every man prospered according to his genius, and … every man conquered according to his strength; and whatsoever a man did was no crime (Alma 30:17).” To be the product of accident is to be without understanding of good. This is not to say atheists cannot do good things, I believe, however, they do not recognize the light of Christ in themselves which leads them to do good.

If we are created by an all wise Father (who has provided for our efforts to change and improve through the atonement of His Son) and are given insights into what course is best for our future and the future of those we love, then we will know which thoughts and behaviors are the right ones – the good ones.

There is another group in our country which uses the cover of religion, yet follows the same logic. They often make an effort to portray themselves as critical thinkers where faith plays no role. In reality it is the same story and needs to be recognized as their way to amputate soul from self. I believe this is one reason they represent their practices as so repulsive – it is to deaden the internal spirit and drive away hope. Without hope and faith there is no true charity – there is no good.

R J Elliott



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